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2008-06-25 19:54
In 1995, during a period of dynamic growth in the Hungarian multimedia market, Profi-Média Ltd was established through private capital investments.
The company set as its objective the production of quality educational software for effective self-study and classroom teaching. Our vision is to continuously integrate the latest technological developments into new educational multimedia software packages.

We have our fingers firmly on the pulse of the computer world, and we use the most modern and effective hardware and software available on the market. The other pillar of our success is that in the production of our software we work closely with educational experts who are leaders in their field.

Our product range is structured to enable learners of different ages and knowledge levels to find the product best-suited to their particular needs.

Profi-Média produced the first Hungarian language-teaching CD-ROM, PICDIC, an audio-pictorial dictionary in 1994.
One of our most successful products has been the 'Manó' (Elf) series for children, which in 1997 was awarded the prize for 'CD-ROM of the Year' by the Ministry for Culture and Education.

Our most recent successes include a Gold Medal at the "COMPFAIR '97" computer exhibition and a Silver Medal at the "HUNGARODIDACT '97" educational exposition, both for the first part of the CD-ROM series called "English by Stealth ", published in October, 1997. This series was awarded the title 'CD-ROM of the Year' by the Ministry for Culture and Education in 1998.

As a company, we have placed great emphasis on continuous development, which includes reinvesting profits and purchasing the copyrights of textbooks to enable us to launch new series of CD-ROMs. Currently, the name 'Profi-Média' is associated with quality in the minds of both our users and our market rivals. Our continuous success is due primarily to the quality of the products and of no lesser importance, to our commitment to serving our customers.

We have built up a nationwide network of retailers for the distribution of our products. Buyers can register their comments or problems on our registration cards, and can also make use of our direct telephone help-line service.

We view brand loyalty as our greatest achievement. Our products are also used in classrooms in institutions of higher education, high schools and elementary schools.

From the year 2000 we have taken part different EU projects.

The most importants of them are PEDITOP (www.peditop.com ) and MeditopEU (www.meditopeu.com ), which deals with medical vocational training. PEDITOP won Helsinki Award in 2006 one of the most innovative projects on Coppenhagen process.

We have developed our own LMS system. We have good connections with FOR.COM Italia one of most important eLearning company in Italy.
Profi-Média Ltd employs 5 full-time staff. The number of consultants and commissioned staff fluctuates between 20 and 30.

Donát Borsódi
general manager


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